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UNFCCC meetings must deliver progress on climate negotiations toward COP26

UNFCCC Flags, Bonn, Germany
UNFCCC Flags, Bonn, Germany. Photo via Wiki Creative Commons

The 2021 UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies (SB) sessions (May 31 – June 17) are a critical opportunity to make progress on UN climate negotiations issues that must be resolved at COP26.


The UNFCCC SB sessions are the first opportunity since 2019 to make progress towards balanced, ambitious climate negotiations at COP26 – a critical component of success.

At COP25, countries were unable to resolve many negotiating items, deferring decisions to COP26. The year-long postponement has added to the long list of issues that must be addressed in 2021.

The SB sessions will be a test of global cooperation and trust amidst the challenge of virtual negotiations.

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