UK Energy Policy & the Future of Nuclear Power

UK Energy Policy & the Future of Nuclear Power

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee recently undertook an inquiry entitled ‘Keeping the lights on’, which focussed on the role that nuclear power could play in the UK energy mix.

Back in October 2005, E3G Founding Director Tom Burke contributed both written and oral evidence to the committee, drawing on his long years of experience both within and outside government.

Tom’s evidence focuses on four aspects of the energy and climate security nexus:

  • the case for additional interventions by government
  • the timeframe within which policy in both areas must be brought into alignment
  • the global background against which decisions on these issues by the British Government will be taken
  • a consideration of the role new nuclear generation might play

The full text of Tom’s written evidence is attached here in pdf format for download.

The final report of the Environmental Audit Committee is also available on the House of Commons’ website.


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