Tom Burke discusses floods and climate change


Last week E3G’s chairman Tom Burke was on LBC radio and BBC Radio 2 to discuss the link between the UK floods and climate change. A few quotations are attached as well as an audio clip of Tom on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.

A way to think about what we are experiencing now is this; this is the trailer for climate change the movie, if you don’t like the trailer then you probably won’t like the movie very much, this will get worse and worse and worse if we don’t do something about reducing our emissions of carbon dioxide.

Tom Burke on the Jeremy Vine show, 14 February 2014

The climate is changing because we are putting greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, in some places that will lead to warming, in some places it will lead to drying and in some place it will lead to places getting wetter. The point is the climate is changing and the whole of our human history has been in a period of extraordinarily stable climate, we’re now disturbing that stable climate.

Tom Burke discussing climate change on LBC Radio with Nick Ferrari on 13th February 2014

If you like these events are the trailer for climate change the movie, and if you don’t like what’s happening in these events, then you definitely won’t like what happens if we do nothing about it.

Tom Burke discussing climate change on LBC Radio with Andrew Castle on 13th February 2014


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