The Spirit of London Climate Action week

spirit of london

London has a world leading concentration of climate professionals working in the public, private and knowledge sectors – as well as in charities and not-for-profit organisations – with local, national and international reach.

London Climate Action Week was forged to bring these actors and organisations together to enhance collaboration and the creation of an ambitious and active London “climate cluster”. Climate change is a systemic challenge requiring all sectors and disciplines to work more closely together to develop and scale-up innovative solutions at pace.

As one of the world’s major cities, London’s citizens and communities – in the widest sense – are increasingly aware of the urgency of the need for climate action. Climate change is an existential threat, requiring an “all of society response” that acknowledges and welcomes the diversity of perspectives and experiences of Londoners.

As events so far in 2020 are teaching us, we must navigate the complexity of challenges that threaten our economic and societal resilience; acknowledging the need to forge a just transition to a net-zero future that embraces diversity and difference and plays its part in tackling disadvantage and division.

As many Londoners have international heritage, connections and experience we expect London Climate Action Week to have a global perspective with culturally rich events and initiatives that have impact and outcomes that are felt far beyond London’s geographic boundaries.

There are few barriers to participation – we merely ask that event organisers align with the ethos of what we are co-creating. All voices are welcome, but we do not encourage events that benefit from the sponsorship or direct financial support of businesses, organisations or groups that are antagonistic to the need for climate action and a net-zero future. Likewise, we expect organisers to embrace the rich vibrancy and diversity of London and its communities, ensuring climate action brings people together, emphasising climate justice, humanity and equality.

London Climate Action Week is collaborative and inclusive, ambitious, and solutions focused.


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