The great GDPR update

The great GDPR update

Along with half the known universe, E3G has recently updated our privacy policy in line with the requirements of the EU’s GDPR legislation.

We are committed to protecting and respecting the personal information of our contacts and colleagues, and work to ensure that any personal information is processed in a fair, open and transparent manner. Most of our activities revolve around professional working relationships, so our approach addresses both our direct contacts and users of our website. Our updated policy can be viewed in its full technicolour glory here.

We use our newsletters to share news with subscribers who are interested in E3G’s activities as well as providing targeted updates to our professional contacts in particular locations or on particular themes. All recipients of our newsletters have the ability to unsubscribe or to change their email preferences at any time by following the links.

If you have any queries about our new policy, please do contact us on


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