A Vision for Europe in the 21st Century- roundtable in Brussels

A Vision for Europe in the 21st Century- roundtable in Brussels

On the 11th October E3G held a roundtable discussion in Brussels on the topic of ‘A Vision for Europe in the 21st Century’ in association with The Centre. Senior figures from the European Parliament and European Commission participated in the discussion which brought together the topics of Climate Security and the future of the European Union.

Discussion Overview

The discussions at the roundtable revealed a shared sense that:

  • The European project faces a true crisis, at the level of Europe’s direction and purpose
  • The response needs to reflect a sense of purpose for Europe in a globalising world: it cannot be inward-looking
  • The closely related issues of climate security and energy security provide one powerful lens on the wider problem, and on possible solutions
  • The established system of European and national institutions and political parties cannot by themselves provide the political regeneration now necessary
  • The ‘million signatures’ provision in the constitutional treaty may be worth exploring, perhaps in relation to energy and climate security, as one way of re-engaging with Europe’s political base
  • A renewed sense of purpose for Europe would need to offer a compelling narrative to give focus to current concerns about jobs and competitiveness


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