Karla Hill joins E3G as Senior Associate


E3G is pleased to announce the arrival of Karla Hill as a Senior Associate. Karla will contribute to the development of our Political Economy and Governance programme. The programme sits at the centre of our strategic response to the urgent challenge to tackle global climate change over the next decade.

Nick Mabey CEO said,

“We welcome Karla at this key moment as E3G transforms around the urgent task of finding pathways to secure climate safety. Political economy and governance sit at the heart of E3G’s work and thinking. Karla’s ideas, expertise and skills at the intersection of law, governance and politics will be a valuable addition to E3G.”

Karla Hill said,

“I share E3G’s commitment to the urgent mission of creating a climate-safe world for people today and for future generations. I’m looking forward to contributing to this vital mission. I’m also looking forward to working with E3G’s dedicated, expert teams and partners to make sure economic, political, institutional and legal conditions point in the direction of sustained, effective and just climate action.”

As a member of the original team leading environmental law group ClientEarth, Karla worked in the EU and internationally over the last 12 years to build strategies, programmes and partnerships using the power of the law to protect the environment. During her time, ClientEarth was recognised as the most effective environmental law group in the UK, awarded the innovative lawyers award by the Financial Times.

Known for her strategic and systemic thinking, she has pioneered the use of legal and litigation strategies and interventions. Her works holds governments and private actors to account on the environment, climate and human health. She is also known for challenging the dominance of coal in electricity production and energy markets, expanding legal strategies to target carbon and systemic risks in the finance system, and finding the optimal legislative, policy, and governance routes to protect people and the environment.

At an important moment in the evolution of E3G, Karla will bring 20 years professional experience, as a practising environmental lawyer. She also brings extensive non-profit leadership and management experience.

Thriving in new environments, Karla spent a year on exchange in South America, and after qualifying and practising law in Auckland, New Zealand, she moved to the UK in 2006. She worked in government before moving into the non-profit world. She has since been involved in establishing new initiatives in such places such as the UK, Brussels and Poland.


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