John Ashton speaks at Climate Change debate in Arizona

John Ashton speaks at Climate Change debate in Arizona

John Ashton, one of E3G’s founding directors, spoke at an event organised by Arizona State University Origins Project called ‘The Great Debate- Climate Change: Surviving the Future’.

His speech entitled “Climate Change and the Reclaiming of America” calls for America to step forward as a leader in the transformation to a low-carbon economy in the battle against climate change.

"We will be listening for the voices that say: “leadership is not about what you ask others to do. No great transformation was ever wrought by asking other people to do something. So let us now take back control of our destiny by building here in America the world’s first truly carbon neutral energy system. An energy system that really does end our dependency on foreign imports. A system whose construction, like the great projects of our past, drives innovation and renewal across our country. A system that sets the standards for the global transformation and makes American companies a force to be reckoned with as it proceeds around the world.

I don’t hear those voices yet, but I know I will. It is time for reality-based America to fight back, to take your country back. And climate change is the field on which your victory must be won.”

The full speech is attached.


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