International Climate Finance team welcomes 2 new members

International Climate Finance team welcomes 2 new members

I am really happy to introduce two new team members to E3G’s International Climate Finance Programme. In April Paula Rolffs joined as a new Researcher within the ICF team, earlier this month Gabriela Moya joined us as a new Senior Policy Advisor. They will have lead responsibilities spanning across the ICF Programme’s work on multilateral and national approaches towards the use of climate finance for transformational impact. Under the leadership of Chantal Naidoo, based in Johannesburg, Gabriela and Paula will work on delivering national strategic approaches to climate finance in Latin America, which also involves Taylor Dimsdale, who works with the ICF team from our Washington DC office.

With this very welcome expansion of the ICF team, Marcela Jaramillo will now focus more of her time working with myself on the international ecosystem for climate finance and the role of climate finance within the UNFCCC negotiations in delivering an ambitious outcome for Paris in 2015.

Paula RolffsPaula is passionate about sustainable, low-carbon development and energy access through renewable energy and has gained experience in development cooperation and in energy and climate change policy.

Originally from Germany, Paula has spent a lot of time in Latin America for her studies and internships, and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese as well as German and English. Through her studies and various field work Paula has gained strong research and analytical skills, which – together with her regional experience – will be extremely valuable for our work, especially within Latin America.

Paula’s interest in working in the field of energy and climate change emerged in 2008 when she started as a student worker in a company that developed CDM projects. Her focus was on the contribution of the CDM towards sustainable development, an issue that she analysed as part of her first dissertation, based on field work in the Dominican Republic with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Seeing the importance of national policies and interventions on international level, in addition to project-based carbon finance, Paula started deepening her knowledge in energy and climate policy. After working as an intern and consultant at the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in the area of energy policy in Germany and Brazil, she completed an MSc in Energy Policy for Sustainability at University of Sussex. Paula wrote her second dissertation about consumer finance for solar home systems in Kenya as part of a University project, analysing the link of access to finance and access to electricity.

Prior to joining E3G, Paula worked as a trainee at the European Commission in the Directorate General Climate Action where she was mainly involved in monitoring and evaluating member states’ climate policies.

Paula enjoys meeting people from different countries and backgrounds, and working within an international environment. In her free time, Paula likes to do yoga, dancing and other kinds of sports as well as meeting friends and family. She also likes to travel and to explore cities as well as nature.

Gabriela Moya is passionate about driving sustainable finance. After having led the Latin American region at the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and having worked in banking, she has deep understanding of financial institutions, stakeholder management, partnership building and policy development.

Gabriela is an effective communicator with strong interpersonal skills and creative thinking which helped her influence senior decision-makers. Working in Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, this has generated several positive results, including setting up of national standards for developing sustainable products and services and climate finance mechanisms within banks, and Environmental and Social Risk Analysis with the participation of national development and commercial banks, ministries, regulators and other stakeholders.

Gabriela enjoys working with people from different institutions and nationalities to drive collaborative programmes that contribute to accelerate climate finance and transformational change, as well as building capacity towards that aim. She has led regional initiatives to define strategic plans and capacity building activities in Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay. Gabriela has also presented in numerous international banking conferences on climate finance and sustainability attended by directors and CEOs.

Gabriela`s interest in climate change started during her BA studies in International Relations and her research on the Kyoto Protocol and emerging carbon markets. She later joined HSBC with the determination to learn more about financing low-carbon projects and exploring new financial structures. During that time, she influenced the creation of a new climate unit and established training programmes. Years later her interest to further her knowledge in climate change led her to do an MSc in Climate Change and Policy at the University of Sussex focussing her research on the lessons learned from Multilateral Development Banks and the implications for the design of the Green Climate Fund prior to joining UNEP FI. Originally from Mexico, Gabriela is fluent in Spanish and English, with knowledge of French and Portuguese. In her free time, she likes to travel and explore new places and cultures, have BBQs on the beach on sunny days and spend time with family and friends.

Amal-Lee Amin


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