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How the G7 Leaders’ Summit can address climate, energy security, and economic instability

Flags of the G7 Summit. Photo by No.10 on flickr.
Flags of the G7 Summit. Photo by No.10 on flickr.

Experts from E3G, the climate policy think tank, covered essential background and context ahead of the G7 Leaders’ Summit taking place in Hiroshima from 19th – 21st May.

Watch the recording:


  1. Moderator: Alden Meyer, E3G Senior Associate: what G7 leaders must deliver at home and through collaboration with partners to address the climate/energy security/economic instability polycrisis.
  2. Maria Pastukhova, Senior Policy Advisor: energy transition targets and delivery (fossil fuel phase out, coal phase out, 2035 power sector decarbonization, renewables, hydrogen/ammonia, natural gas/LNG) and energy security.
  3. Jonny Peters, E3G Senior Policy Advisor: launch of the G7 Clean Energy Economy Action Plan, with a focus on trade, supply chains, and investment.
  4. Sima Kammourieh, E3G Senior Policy Advisor: broader public finance issues (including MDB reform, SDRs, debt, broader fiscal policy issues) and sustainable finance agenda (disclosures, transition plans, banking system reform).


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