How can Multilateral Development Banks evolve to drive a rapid climate transition?

Cityscape. Morocco. Photo: © Curt Carnemark / World Bank
6 Oct 2023 Morocco

The process of rewiring the global finance architecture to support climate progress requires vision and leadership from both investor and recipient countries of Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) funding.

This exclusive retreat event will offer an opportunity for thought leaders and representatives from capitals of a range of governments to come together in an informal setting to forge a shared agenda on MDB reform, beyond the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings, which will take place in Marrakech immediately after this event.

Now is the time to be practical, and tactical, in pushing through technical and political barriers to realise the bold reforms currently under development. Client countries require more resources and a more responsive MDB system to seize the opportunities of a net-zero economic transition and deal with the shocks and impacts of a warming world.

Our hope is that by bringing together a diverse group of governments and private capital holders, we can contribute to the formation of a concrete work programme, common narrative and sense of determination and esprit de corps, to deliver change across capitals, institutions, and processes following the Annual Meetings.

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