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Energy and national security experts on Europe’s energy crisis and the geopolitics of energy transition

Gas pipeline in Wyoming, United States. By Jim for Adobe Stock.
Gas pipeline in Wyoming, United States. By Jim for Adobe Stock.

E3G and Climate Nexus are hosting a joint briefing to discuss Europe’s energy crisis and the limits of North American Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as a solution in the short and the long-term.  

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine puts continued upward pressure on oil and gas prices, putting the EU’s reliance on volatile commodities, like gas, into stark view. This comes as the EU is in the midst of negotiating its landmark “Green Deal” policies that would set Europe onto a path towards reducing gas consumption by 32-37% by 2030. Meanwhile, politicians and top exporters in the US and Canada are calling for an increase in gas exports to support Europe. 

This press briefing will explore questions around Europe’s energy crisis such as:

  • How is the current crisis impacting the medium and long term trajectory for fossil fuels in Europe?
  • Does North America have the capacity to assuage Europe’s immediate need for gas? 
  • What impacts can we expect on consumer prices in the US and Europe? 
  • What are the national security implications at play? 


Maria Pastukhova, Senior Policy Advisor, Energy Systems, E3G 

Ted Nace, Founder and Executive Director, Global Energy Monitor

Admiral Dennis McGinn, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment, former President of ACORE

Moderator: Claire Healy, Head of Office Washington DC, E3G


Tuesday, March 8, 11 am ET


Click here to register. A recording will be available upon request. 

Ahead of the briefing two important news items to note for Tuesday: 

  • The EU is expected to unveil a new energy price strategy that would lessen their dependence on foreign fossil fuels. 
  • The Global Energy Monitor is also expected to release a report that finds that the LNG industry still has been unable to secure financing for these colossal projects, and the path forward is becoming increasingly difficult and risky. 


Will Yeates, E3G, 

Fatimah Alyas, Climate Nexus,


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