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COP20 in Lima shifts the battle lines for Paris

COP20 in Lima shifts the battle lines for Paris

Against a backdrop of political momentum, COP20 lays the ground work for Paris.

“Lima was never meant to solve climate change. But it succeeded in creating a negotiation text for next year containing radical proposals to phase out of fossil fuels by 2050. The voices of mayors, bishops, companies and citizens were heard. This sets up the right fight for Paris” said Liz Gallagher, Climate Diplomacy Programme Leader at E3G an environmental think tank.

“COP 20 succeeded in delivering basic guidance for the national plans that countries will bring to the Paris conference next year. There are no excuses for countries not tabling transparent and ambitious emission reductions next year. This agreement is good, but not perfect. It will rely upon the pressure from campaigners, citizens, progressive companies, legislators, mayors and faith leaders to hold our governments accountable to the spirit of the Lima outcome” said Gallagher.

“Lima will be remembered for the creativity, presence and money contributed by many Latin American countries. These parties punched well above their weight. With their pledges to the Green Climate Fund, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Panama challenged the orthodoxy of the negative ‘you go first’ dynamic into a positive ‘can do’ attitude. This is exactly the diplomatic approach we need for success in Paris” said Nick Mabey, CEO of E3G.

“The pledges to the Green Climate Fund by both developed and developing countries were a good start. Lima lays out a process to scale up finance for 2020. It’s imperative this money is predictable allowing countries to plan their climate action, to deliver high value outcomes. Rich countries should not kid themselves that they can get away without a plan to deliver the $100bn a year they promised back in 2009. It’s time to say how they’re going to pony up “ said Mabey.

“En Lima los paises Latinoamericanos demostraron con acciones y liderazgo concreto que pueden ser el Puente entre las diferentes partes para construir un acuerdo global ambisioso para la mitigacion y adapatacion al cambio climatico” – Marcela Jaramillo, Policy Advisor E3G

Contact in Peru

Nick Mabey, CEO and Founding Director of E3G, +447949768771,

Liz Gallagher, Climate Diplomacy Programme Leader at E3G, +447920461838,

Marcela Jaramillo, Policy Advisor at E3G, +447908664334,

Contact in London

Tom Burke, Founding Director of E3G, +447710627616,

For more information take a look at Nick Mabey's commentary on Lima COP 20 'Shadow boxing in Lima sets stage for Paris Climate Agreement'


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