Byford Tsang discusses international climate action on BBC Radio 4

The Climate Crisis: Are We Moving Fast Enough?

A kangaroo stands in front of a wildfire in Australia. Courtesy The Briefing Room on BBC Radio 4

E3G Senior Policy Advisor Byford Tsang discusses international climate action and developments to combat the climate crisis over 2020, and the future of sustainable industry and finance, on The Briefing Room, BBC Radio 4. 

While the world’s attention has been distracted by Covid, the climate crisis has continued to pose an existential threat. But there have been significant developments this year, not least the announcement by China that it has set 2060 as the year when it will become carbon neutral.

Joe Biden was elected president of the United States with promises to set a carbon neutral target of his own and to spend trillions of dollars on new green jobs and new green infrastructure.

The EU, Japan and South Korea have all designated 2050 as the year they will reach net zero emissions. Meanwhile the world continues to get hotter and the climate crisis continues.

So is this international climate action all too little, too late? Hopefully not, especially, as we’ll hear, given the way that industry and finance are now reorganising.


Professor Mark Maslin of University College London

Byford Tsang of the climate change think tank E3G

Pete Ogden, who worked on climate change in the Obama White House and is now at the United Nations Foundation

Dr Gabrielle Walker, a writer and consultant to private industry on climate change adaptation.

Producers: Tim Mansel, Sally Abrahams, Kirsteen Knight
Editor: Jasper Corbett

Listen to and download the full programme here.

Photo via The Briefing Room on BBC Radio 4.


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