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This page is part of the E3G Public Bank Climate Tracker Matrix, our tool to help you assess the Paris alignment of public banks, MDBs and DFIs

Paris alignmentReasoning
Paris alignedThe ADB has established good practice in several areas including  portfolio emissions commitments, ocean health and transparency.


The Asian Development Bank’s Climate Change Operational Framework 2017–2030 seems to have some ambitious elements, including a commitment to reduce overall portfolio emissions. See the metric on greenhouse gas accounting for more information on ADB’s work on portfolio emissions. 

The Bank has led the way in consideration of ocean health, having launched a $5 billion Action Plan for Healthy Oceans and Sustainable Blue Economies in May 2019. The work being done under the action plan is addressing the ecosystem management needs as well as the social and economic needs of member countries in the region including infrastructure investment and developing the “blue economy”. See ‘Nature based solutions’ page for more information on the ADB’s use of nature-based solutions. 

In terms of transparency, we have also identified the ADB’s provision of transparent climate finance data within the new Climate Finance Database as another example of leadership among the group. See ‘Level of transparency’ page for more information.  

For further analysis, information is available in E3G’s report “The ADB: Asia’s future climate bank?“.

Last Update: November 2020

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