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Energy access and fuel poverty

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Paris AlignmentReasoning
Some ProgressBank-specific goal has been set and initiative has been demonstrated, but monitoring and progress are lacking.
 Alignment and Reasoning
Energy Access TargetIDB committed to the Sustainable Energy for All initiative in the Americas. Also committed to connecting the last 30 million people without access to electricity in the region.
Minimum Definition of AccessRapid Assessment and Gap Analyses documents reference SE4ALL goals and assess the availability, affordability and reliability of energy supplies in a country. They do not directly reference the ‘tiers’ within the document but this is because they pre-date this framework. See for example this report for Peru.
% of Energy Financing Dedicated to Energy Access
13% of total energy financing in 2017, up from 5.6% in 2014.
Is Progress MonitoredIn the Development Effectiveness Overview, number of households with electricity are stated on a regional level, not what the IDB has contributed. Includes metrics and targets on household water supply but not for energy. May reflect the region having 97% access to electricity.
Progress Against MetricsN/A  – clarification welcome.


The IDB hosts the Latin America and the Caribbean Hub for the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative, SE4All Americas.  Founded in 2011 by the IDB, this Hub is in partnership with the UNDP, the Organización Latina Americana de Energia (OLADE) and Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).  To carry out SE4Alls goals, the Hub is supported by: the Energy Access Network, which focuses on modern energy access and runs pilot programmes; the Bank’s Technical Assistance Facility, which gathers and analyses various data throughout the region as well as facilitating technical assistance and capacity building; and, the Regional Platform, which facilitates knowledge sharing and networking.

To further SE4All goals, the Bank is in a partnership with the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) to address the systematic challenges to electrification such as poverty and inequality to help achieve modern electrification.  The partnership seeks to find public and private solutions to deliver innovative, decentralised and renewable energy security to homes throughout the region.

Up to date information on energy access progress is not easily available. A 2016 report by Sierra Club and Oil Change on assessing the MDBs on their energy access finance between 2012-2014, gave every MDB an ‘F’ rating for their progress on helping to achieve universal energy access*. Further reporting by Oil Change and The Big Shift assessing MDB action from 2014-2017 finds that the Bank, amongst others, is still not on track to meet its energy access commitments. Only 13% of the Bank’s 8.4 billion USD in energy finance went to energy access, and of this very little was spent on off-grid and distributed systems or cooking and heating access.

Recommendation: IDB should make available progress on above data since 2017 due to the absence of a similar report, and all MDBs should consider commissioning a joint report on their progress across SE4All metrics.

*They assessed the percentage of energy finance (2012-2014) towards energy access against a benchmark of 50% as well as other qualitative measures.

Last Update: November 2020

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