Nature based solutions

Paris alignmentReasoning
Some progress Some commitment towards biodiversity and protecting forestry.


The CDB has pilot financing for forest reserves. The CDB has also supported shelterbelt forest systems, reforestation of farmland, and desertification control. The Bank has supported projects such as the targeted national reserve forest quality improvement project in Shaxian County, Fujian. It is unclear where the Bank has committed to net deforestation.

The IDFC group, of which CDB is a member committed at the Finance in Common summit to  “Reaffirm their full support to address the direct drivers of biodiversity loss by mitigating negative impacts on biodiversity of their finance, using a range of approaches such as the implementation of environmental and social safeguards or guidelines, due diligence, off-setting, or the exclusion of activities that have harmful impacts upon biodiversity and ecosystem services”.

Last Update: July 2021

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