Level of climate finance transparency

Paris alignmentReasoning
UnalignedNo project level information is available and there is no disclosure of financial intermediary sub-projects.
Climate finance dataOnly reports mitigation and adaptation totals to the International Development Finance Club.
Financial intermediary lendingKDB does not disclose financial intermediary sub-projects on its website.


Korea Development Bank only reports on climate investments through the IDFC Green Finance Mapping Report. It only discloses the total of mitigation and adaptation finance. There is no information available on project level finance or climate finance for intermediaries.

Recommendation: We recommend that KDB considers disclosing their operations against a version of the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy that has been adapted for the region the bank operates in.

KDB should start reporting on its climate investments both at a project-by-project level and for intermediary lending.

Last Update: July 2021

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