Level of climate finance transparency

Paris alignmentReasoning
Some progressAdequate levels of data are provided. Increased granularity of reporting is needed.
Climate finance dataAggregate figures provided and sectors provided in project level OECD data.
Financial intermediary lendingSome financial intermediary projects have sub projects listed. Information is well signposted.


Transparency of climate finance data

JICA has reported its aggregate climate finance figures since 2017 in the International Development Finance Club annual Green Finance Mapping report. It also includes a breakdown of mitigation and adaptation finance. It is encouraged to begin reporting its project level climate finance in more details under this process and release any underlying data behind its submission.

JICA provides an inadequate level of information in its submission to the OECD-DAC climate-related development finance database. For the latest year (2018), some JICA projects do not have a detailed description and are instead described as ‘TC aggregated activities’, an issue that has been raised by other institutions. The sector for each project has been included however, which does provide some level of granularity.

Transparency of Financial Intermediary lending

In principle, JICA undertakes environmental reviews and information disclosure for sub-projects prior to implementation in the same manner as specified for Category A projects, and JICA discloses the results of environmental reviews on its website after concluding agreement documents.

Environmental information disclosure for projects is released by region on the JICA website. For example in the Southeast Asia region, a minority of projects were classified as ‘FI’. Some of these had an environmental review and only a subset of these environmental reviews had each individual project listed. A recommendation would be for all these FI projects to have subprojects listed.

Last Update: July 2021

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