Climate risk, resilience and adaptation

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Paris alignedJICA has a comprehensive climate risk evaluation process in place and provides a significant proportion of climate finance towards adaptation.
Project-level climate risk management proceduresScope of coverage of project-level climate risk managementEnhancing client climate resilience 
JICA procedures includes evaluating climate risk and climate proofing options.Comprehensive coverage.Emphasis on climate risk and technical cooperation puts JICA in a strong position to enhance climate resilience.


Climate risk screening coverage

JICA promotes physical climate risk assessment and countermeasures. During the feasibility study, projects are assessed for climate vulnerability and required adaptation measures are identified. JICA states this applies to the “Preparatory Survey for Cooperation of Loan and Grant Aid Projects and the Detailed Planning Survey of Technical Cooperation Projects.”

Climate risk screening tool processes

JICA has a Climate Finance Impact Tool for Adaptation which provides guidance on climate risk assessments.

Firstly, JICA puts an emphasis on defining the scope of the climate risk assessment, particularly in collaboration with local stakeholders. Surveys are then carried out to define the exposure, hazard, vulnerability of the project and the location that project is situated in. This is usually carried out for a timeframe out to 2050.

The key focus is to determine whether an asset will become unable to perform its function, large costs are incurred for maintenance, or the asset will experience climate stress outside of its operating window.

A climate risk matrix is then completed to determine the exact climate risk faced and at this point adaptation options can be considered if required.

Enhancing client climate resilience

JICA works extensively beyond the project level on climate risk and adaptation, with a large portion of its climate change cooperation expenditures going to technical cooperation. One of its four climate change cooperation priorities is enhancing climate risk assessment and countermeasures, while another is policy support, capacity development, and institutional development.

Adaptation financing

Between 2017-2019, 26% of JICAs climate finance went towards adaptation projects or projects with both mitigation and adaptation components. This level is higher than some of the MDBs.

Last Update: July 2021

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