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Mid-year UN climate talks begin next week in Bonn – E3G experts available

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Opening plenary view at UN Bonn climate conference June 2022. Photo by UNclimatechange on Flickr.


  • Diplomats will meet in Bonn (5-15 June) for the annual mid-year UN climate change talks.
  • With six months to go, these negotiations are a key opportunity to set high expectations and prepare for what governments must agree at COP28.
  • The meetings are a critical test for whether the UAE COP28 Presidency can build trust in their leadership of the process.


Governments in Bonn must set high expectations for COP28 – and how new agreements and commitments this year can put global climate action back on track in response to the ‘Global Stocktake’. This stocktake will show that we are not doing enough to meet the Paris Agreement goals. COP28 is expected to deliver a political response that matches the urgent need for faster action.  

Governments in Bonn must make progress on crucial climate negotiation issues. Key issues that COP28 must resolve include setting up the loss and damage fund, agreeing new global goal for adaptation, and commitments to phase out fossil fuels and scale up renewable energy. Ambitious governments in Bonn will need to start build bridges with each other to ensure good progress on these thorny issues ahead of COP28. 

The Bonn talks are a key test of confidence in the UAE COP28 Presidency to deliver an ambitious outcome. What the UAE says and does will be a test of their credibility to lead the COP this year. The pressure is on for the UAE to show climate leadership by bringing together diplomatic alliances and building trust that they have a plan for delivering a fair and ambitious outcome.  

Tom Evans, Policy Advisor at E3G said: 

“With six months to go, there is still time for governments to get their act in gear for COP28.

Climate diplomats must get to work building alliances around bold ideas for how COP28 can deliver a much-needed major course correction of global climate action. This includes a phase out of fossil fuels, a scale up of investment in clean energy, and a fully-fledged loss and damage fund to protect the most vulnerable from climate disasters.

The Bonn talks are a pivotal moment for the UAE to show they’re fit to be the Presidency. They can prove their critics wrong with a concrete plan for how they will broker ambitious outcomes that prioritise the planet over fossil fuel profits.”

Available for background and comment in Bonn

Loss and damage finance and the Glasgow Dialogue on Loss and Damage 

Ines Benomar, E3G Researcher, (EN, FR, IT)  | +32 490 11 33 19 

Carolina Cecilio, E3G Policy Advisor, (EN FR PT)  | + 32 497 49 69 68    

COP28, the Global Stocktake and the Mitigation Work Programme 

Alex Scott, E3G Programme Lead, (EN)  | +44 (0)7482 750 760 

Tom Evans, E3G Policy Advisor, (EN)  | +44 (0) 7931 317 327   

Alden Meyer, E3G Senior Associate, (EN)  | +1 202 378 8619   

On Climate finance, Article 2.1c and the post-2025 climate finance goal  

Charra Tesfaye Terfassa, E3G Senior Associate (EN)  | +44 7901 350074 

Energy (not attending Bonn) 

Camilla Fenning, Programme Lead (Coal)  | +44 (0) 7961 047835 

Louise Burrows, Senior Policy Advisor (Fossil Fuel Finance)  | +44 (0) 786 480 2177 

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  3. The first of a new E3G blog series dives deeper into the three core issues that COP28 will have to urgently address: speeding up decarbonisation, stepping up support for the most vulnerable, and shaping up the financial system. Read here COP28: bend the emissions curve, build the new economy – E3G  
  4. COP28 is a pivotal opportunity for countries to deliver on their commitments to build a more resilient world. Starting up the new loss and damage fund agreed to at COP27 and unlocking the mosaic of financing and fiscal space solutions, are essential next steps to protecting vulnerable communities in a polycrisis world. 
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