LCAW | E3G Public Bank Climate Tracker Matrix

Friday 20 November | 14:00 GMT


E3G invites you to join us in discussing our newly launched Public Bank Climate Tracker Matrix during London Climate Action Week.

Event description

In this webinar E3G will showcase how the Multilateral Development Banks need to do more to align with the Paris Agreement on climate change, using its new online interactive tool that translates the technical and the obscure into an easy to understand traffic light system.

After almost three years of detailed research, E3G have found that five years on from the Paris Agreement not one of the Multilateral Development Banks has fully brought its lending into line with the seminal climate change accord.

E3G’s framework for Paris alignment also provides a blueprint for other public banks to follow when tackling the challenge of mainstreaming climate into their work, and allows governments, members of the public, and the media to easily compare different institutions to get a clearer picture of what is really going on

What is Inter-American Development Bank doing on carbon pricing? What is the Asian Development Bank doing on GHG accounting? How has the World Bank integrated climate into its transport, water and urban strategies? All this and more will become clear with our new E3G Public Bank Climate Tracker Matrix.

You can register for the event here.

You can also find information on the London Climate Action Week website here.


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