National Infrastructure Commission: Getting the Governance Model Right

National Infrastructure Commission: Getting the Governance Model Right

The creation of the National Infrastructure Commission presents a unique opportunity to inject long-termism, strategic direction and sustainability into the UK’s infrastructure planning and investment decisions. But the design of the Commission’s governance model will be central to grasping this opportunity.

The design will determine the Commission’s ability to set a credible vision for the UK’s long-term infrastructure needs and in building the public and political consensus required for its delivery. Getting it right is fundamental.

The governance model will be set out in legislation soon. This will establish the Commission’s scope and remit, its relationship with Parliament, Government and regulators, whether and in what way it can hold Government to account and the extent to which its long-term investment recommendations will be constrained by short term fiscal targets.

This briefing paper offers a detailed analysis of the proposed governance model before setting out a series of amendments to ensure the Commission can deliver on its mission. This is the first in a series of briefings exploring the critical factors required to ensure the success of the National Infrastructure Commission.

Read the full brief National Infrastructure Commission Securing Success Series: A Governance Model Fit for the Future [PDF – 1.2Mb]


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