The UK spring budget and the retrofit revolution

Ending the UK's warm homes postcode lottery

Building a wall with insulated cavity. Photo via Adobe.
Building a wall with insulated cavity. Photo via Adobe.

Energy efficiency and clean heat are a triple-win for energy security, climate goals and fuel poverty targets. The UK has recognised this but needs to ramp up nationwide delivery. With the right set of signals and investments, the UK can move ahead in the global race for green industries and technologies. Levelling up unequal access to support, skills, and subsidies is key. 

The Spring Budget is an opportunity to smooth the path for energy efficiency and heat pumps at scale. The government can provide confidence and address key issues that currently make access to warm, healthy homes a postcode lottery.  

Key recommendations include:  

  1. A ten-year funding and policy pledge for climate and fuel poverty targets, fulfilling the outstanding £2.1bn Conservative Manifesto pledges and addressing the climate investment gap.  
  2. Replace competitive funding mechanisms with fair distribution and availability of public investment in energy efficiency and clean heat across the whole country.  
  3. Cross-departmental efforts to ensure effective delivery of retrofit schemes, pragmatically navigating the barriers holding back action at scale.  
  4. Level up access to supply chains and consumer support – with an emphasis on skills and training, consumer awareness and advice. 
  5. Support new financing options and incentives, including through the UK Infrastructure Bank and tax incentives like Stamp Duty. 

Read how the UK Government can ramp up nationwide delivery of energy efficiency and clean heat in the Spring Budget 2023.


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