E3G launches Review January 2022 – June 2023

Cover page of the E3G Review January 2022 – June 2023

Climate action has entered a complex and extremely challenging phase. Against a context of worsening climate impacts and geopolitical fragmentation, climate advocacy needs to pivot to driving politically sustainable delivery at the scale and pace needed. E3G will support this by being a leading global political analyst, strategist, convenor and system change agent on climate science. 

E3G’s mission to achieve “A safe climate for all” explicitly includes human rights, inclusion and fairness as central objectives of our work. We work pragmatically to deliver concrete change at the pace necessitated by ecological limits and social needs. E3G’s guiding operational principle is “Making the necessary, possible”

In 2022, E3G undertook a strategic refresh and initiated a work programme to review and clarify our governance. Our four priorities to 2025 are: 

  • Leveraging the Paris Agreement. 
  • Building the national and international political conditions for 1.5 °C. 
  • Redesigning regimes for rapid decarbonisation and resilience.
  • Supporting stronger global capability for delivering rapid climate action.  

E3G’s expertise on energy security became of paramount importance in 2022 as Russia’s war on Ukraine impacted global gas supplies. We worked to find the avenues to keep climate on the agenda while governments battled with crises. Our geopolitical response to the crisis focused on rebuilding international diplomacy to support continued action on climate change. 

In parallel, we built momentum on loss and damage throughout 2022, leading up to COP27 last November. Through the year and into 2023, we engaged with World Bank and wider finance system reform, the Bridgetown agenda, and transatlantic cooperation as the US Inflation Reduction Act drove increased trade tensions. In June 2023 we launched our Climate Transformation Hub, which will provide a networked global climate community with access to robust political economy analysis and tools. 

Over the next two years, we will continue to invest in new capabilities to increase our impact. 

Read our Review: January 2022 – June 2023 


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