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UK General Election: Cooperation out of Chaos

UK General Election: Cooperation out of Chaos

Results of UK election present new opportunity for cooperation between UK and European Union on Brexit negotiation. Cooperative approach on energy and climate change vital to stability of the upcoming negotiations.

Opportunity to reset Brexit negotiations

The Prime Minister now has a short window of opportunity to reset the Brexit negotiations around a more cooperative approach.

The Government does not have a clear mandate to force through a hard exit from the European Union. Those who claimed that the vote to leave the European Union was a vote for deregulation have lost the argument.

The Conservative reliance on the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to govern means cooperation with the European Union on Citizens’ Rights and High Standards is now essential to the stability of the UK Government.

There is increased risk that instability could lead to an accidental crash exit. Ongoing cooperation on energy and climate change provides the building blocks of an enduring relationship with the European Union.

Nick Mabey, Chief Executive of E3G said:

“The Prime Minister knows this is the end of the idea that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. The task for this new Government is to reset the politics of the Brexit negotiations with Europe and focus on opportunities for collaboration.”

Risks to UK’s leadership in the world

The General Election outcome has strengthened the message from British business that the UK Government needs to compete for a larger share of the new energy economy.

Britain’s standing in the world has been reduced by recent equivocation on the Paris Climate Change Agreement. The Prime Minister must now stand together with the EU against Donald Trump on the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

To provide security for British business the Prime Minister must focus on future cooperation between the UK and Europe. Cooperation between the two will reduce the chance of a crash Brexit, which ultimately would damage everyone.

The new energy economy is transforming our major export markets. The Government can use its industrial strategy to secure British leadership in the new energy economy or sit back and accept this change at its peril.

Shane Tomlinson, Director at E3G said:

“Cooperation on energy and climate change issues will be the foundation of a stable negotiation with the EU on Brexit. British business wants to be part of the new energy economy and this means maintaining our position as a leading exporter of low carbon goods and services.”


Notes to Editors

E3G is an independent climate change think tank operating to accelerate the global transition to a low carbon economy. E3G specialises in climate diplomacy, climate risk, energy policy and climate finance.

In 2016, E3G was ranked the fifth most influential environmental think tank in the world, third in Europe and first in the UK by the Go To Think Tank Index.


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