Top ten articles of 2013

Top ten articles of 2013

As the focus turns to 2014, we reflect on 2013 before it becomes a distant memory. Here are our most-read articles from the past year.

1. State Aid Guidelines: New study makes proposals to square guidelines with Europe 2020 strategy

E3G’s study published in August 2013 demonstrates how the reform of state aid rules provides an opportunity for the EU to deliver its 2020 strategy effectively.

2. The Climate Calendar for 2014

2014 is set to be an intense year for the politics of climate change. Our climate calendar lays out what needs to happen this year in the run up to the agreement in 2015.

3. Re-investing in Climate Diplomacy

E3G released ‘Understanding Climate Diplomacy – building diplomatic capacity and systems to avoid dangerous climate change’ in November 2013. The report defines and undertakes a strategic review of climate diplomacy to date providing options and strategies for improving diplomatic efforts. It warns that without more investment in climate diplomacy, a 2015 climate deal will be severely compromised.

4. What to watch out for in Warsaw

Our pre-Warsaw briefing used political scenarios to inform our understanding of the political space available and the range of outcomes on the table, as well as the ‘hotspots’ which can flare up at the grand finale. These scenarios aimed to provide meaning amidst the noise.

5. John Ashton gives the Alternative Mansion House speech

In July 2013 E3G founding director John Ashton made the case against the current neoclassical orthodoxy in his speech entitled 'Our Choice Unchained: Climate Change, Growth and the Baleful Power of a Modern Cult' at The Alternative Mansion House Speech.

6. Bankers are ahead of politicians on climate policy

This blog post by Ingrid Holmes from July 2013 discusses the European Investment Bank and it's emergence amongst European Institutions as a new leader on climate policy. The EIB is currently one of the biggest financiers of renewables and energy efficiency in the world, and in 2012 around 25% of its overall lending went toward climate action.

7. E3G highly ranked in global thinktank ratings

In January 2013 E3G was ranked 16th in the 2012 Top Environmental Thinktanks.

8. What’s happened in the wider world on climate

This is E3G’s flashcard guide to the blockbuster climate diplomacy moments that framed the run up to Warsaw.

9. Delivering EU Energy and Climate Targets: The role of infrastructure in the EU2030 package

In September 2013 E3G convened a high-level invite-only roundtable discussion to evaluate the role that infrastructure policy can play within the 2030 framework and to identify the measures needed for the package to succeed.

10. European Investment Bank turns away from coal financing as a new EPS is agreed

In July 2013 the EIB introduced new guidelines meaning it will no longer finance coal power stations, here is our press release on the subject.


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