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Obama acts on climate change threat to national security

Obama acts on climate change threat to national security

President Obama has signed a Memorandum to link climate and national security. This establishes, for the first time, a policy to ensure that climate change-related impacts are fully considered in the development of national security doctrine, policies, and plans.

The National Intelligence Council has also released an unclassified report on the implications of climate change for U.S. National Security.

E3G has been part of a community who have spent years encouraging the White House and State Dept to recognize and take proactive steps to address climate security and climate risk.

Taylor Dimsdale, Head of Research at E3G said:

“There is no security in an unstable climate. By taking action President Obama is securing the future for Americans and the wider world. Europe’s leaders should recognize their own exposure to climate risk and move quickly to integrate climate change into security strategies, as suggested in the EU Global Strategy”


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