Nick Mabey is interviewed on ambitions for London Climate Action Week 2020

Nick Mabey

London Climate Action Week (LCAW 2020) brings together world leading experts and policy makers to drive the national and international COVID-19 climate policy response, prioritising green recovery.

The first instalment of LCAW 2020 (1-3 July) will focus on green finance and investment, climate policy and collaboration, and resilience. The second half of LCAW 2020 is due to take place in November 2020.

Ahead of next month’s events, our CEO and Founder Director Nick Mabey discussed his hopes and ambitions for LCAW 2020 with Greenhouse PR. Greenhouse PR is a London-based firm using the power of communications to drive social and environmental change.

Greenhouse: Why is London Climate Action Week important

Nick Mabey: COVID-19 has upended the global climate diplomacy calendar. The shift of the UN COP26 Glasgow Climate Summit to 2021 threatens to take the momentum out of global climate action at the very time huge decisions are being made on economic recovery with massive implications for climate action.

London Climate Action Week provides an opportunity for cutting-edge climate organisations in London to engage with their amazing global networks to re-energise the climate debate and work collectively to find innovative solutions

Greenhouse: What do you want to see happen on climate policy and green recovery?

NM: We are at a critical point  – there is no neutral recovery plan for the climate. Actions over the next 18 months will determine if the world moves onto a path towards well below 2°C and keeps 1.5°C within reach.

I have four key benchmarks for action on climate:

  • Firstly, immediate crisis funding to the economy must not prop up dirty industries unconditionally and must preferentially support clean businesses who are suffering hugely.
  • Secondly, as countries invest to build back their economies, they should prioritise investments that not just create immediate jobs but also improve people’s health and well-being, as well as make communities more resilient and decarbonise. For example, insulating houses, restoring nature, making cities more liveable and providing efficient clean cooling are all investments with multiple benefits
  • Thirdly, countries must have the space to invest in clean and fair development – we cannot afford “Austerity 2.0” that hurts the poorest. This requires generous debt relief and restructuring for the poorest countries and reforms for fair and green taxation.
  • Finally, if we achieve these changes in 2021 countries should come to Glasgow in November committing to much more ambitious climate action.
Greenhouse: What will you do to make it happen?

NM: E3G is pivoting all its work to respond to this new reality with a focus on mobilising investment into energy efficiency and cooling in Europe. We are also helping to drive radical reforms at the Multilateral Development Banks and the International Monetary Fund.

To find out more about London Climate Action Week 2020 please visit the website here.


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