LCAW Interview Series | Syed Ahmed, Director Energy for London and Chair of Community Energy London

Sustainable net-zero London


London Climate Action Week (LCAW) is taking place on 14th-20th November. The week will showcase a series of events highlighting how London’s politicians, businesses and civil society can turn climate pledges and promises into action, particularly with COP26 set one year from now.

The week explores four themes; (i) A green, fair and resilient recovery, (ii)  the roadmap to COP26, (iii) a sustainable and net-zero London and (iv) the whole of society climate mobilisation.

In our fourth and final interview for the LCAW Interview Series, Syed Ahmed Director of Energy for London and Chair of Community Energy London explores the sustainable, net-zero London theme.


Question: What sets London Climate Action Week apart from other climate events?

Syed Ahmed:

LCAW really allows us to dig deep and highlight the strong network of organisations that London has built up over time to respond to the climate emergency. LCAW also importantly, allows us to reflect some of the priorities often examined at a national or international dimension, down to the unit of a city – and more importantly – our city!

Londoners have never been more engaged on climate issues than now, but they are looking for routes to how they can make the right choices in their lifestyles and contribute to greening their neighbourhoods. LCAW is an important opportunity to light the way on these issues.

Question: What is the significance of your theme in contributing to the aim of LCAW?

Syed Ahmed:

I’m involved in LCAW with two ‘hats’ on: one is my Energy for London research and campaign work and that really is about pushing the discussion about what we need to do in the capital to decarbonise our homes and businesses, our transport sector and supply chains into the city.

29 London boroughs have signed climate emergency pledges and – despite having to deal with the pandemic – many are actively working on their decarbonisation plans. With my Community Energy London ‘hat’ on, the discussion is all about how to bring together councils and communities to deliver local projects that provide the widest benefits to all.

Question: What are you most looking forward to for your theme during LCAW 2020?

Syed Ahmed:

London’s built environment is an issue many participants are focussing on – quite rightly! They will keep me busy as well as events that I’m working on… at this very moment! Look forward to seeing you all in a ‘chatroom’ very soon.

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