Holding oil and gas producers accountable

Open letter calling EU Member States to support Article 18 of the Net-Zero Industry Act

Oil rig
An oil platform during a foggy day in the North Sea. Photo by Markus Trienke on flickr. 

Together with 13 other CSOs, including some of the large European e-NGO networks, E3G calls on EU Member States to hold oil and gas producers accountable in the context of the Net-Zero Industry Act.

Through Article 18, the European Commission has proposed a mandatory, individual contribution of oil and gas producers to the Union-wide target for available CO2 injection capacity set out in the Act, based on their share in EU production. 

The undersigned organisations support holding oil and gas producers accountable. Article 18 is an unprecedented proposal from the Commission to place responsibility on oil and gas producers to provide CO2 storage injection capacity, applying the logic of Extended Producer Responsibility to the sector most responsible for the climate emergency. This is a welcome and important precedent not only for future EU regulation but also for international climate action. 

We call upon EU Member States to support Article 18 and make the oil and gas sector deliver this proposed contribution on their own accounts and introduce dissuasive penalties or fines in case of non-compliance. 

Read the open letter sent by E3G and 13 other CSOs here


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