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E3G response to Amber Rudd's 'Energy Policy Reset' speech

E3G response to Amber Rudd's 'Energy Policy Reset' speech

Amber Rudd has today made a major ‘energy policy re-set’ speech in which she committed to:

  • Phase out coal by 2025
  • Renewed commitment to dash for gas
  • Renewed commitment to build nuclear power stations
  • Support for offshore wind contingent on falling costs
  • Potential for wide ranging changes to power system management in 2016

Nick Mabey, Chief Executive of the independent Climate and Energy think tank E3G said:

“It is significant that the country that led the industrial revolution is the first major economy to set a date for the phase out of unabated coal. A clear deadline will help build momentum ahead of the Paris climate summit. But the dash for gas and the failure to set out a coherent plan for boosting energy efficiency and clean energy will not restore investor confidence or position the UK to benefit from the accelerating global clean energy revolution. The best way to improve energy security and lower bills is to save energy but the policies in this speech will slow the rate of efficiency investment in the UK .”


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