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E3G reacts to party manifestos for the UK General Election

Number 10 Downing Street
Number 10 Downing Street. The UK’s political parties are due to release their manifestos ahead of the upcoming UK General Election in the week starting 10th June 2024.

Follow E3G’s assessment of party policies on net zero and the energy transition as manifestos are released this week.


On Thursday, 13th June the Labour Party released their party manifesto

Ed Matthew, Campaigns Director at the independent climate and energy think tank E3G said:

“UK dependence on fossil fuels has driven the cost-of-living crisis and undermined our energy security. This manifesto will kick start a mission for energy independence and economic renewal, with net zero investment at its heart. Labour has recognised that upgrading our homes will be key; and we welcome the £13.2bn investment boost, and reinstatement of higher efficiency standards in the private rented sector. This manifesto gives hope that the UK’s leadership in tackling the climate crisis will finally be restored. 


Read threads unpacking energy and green finance from Juliet Phillips and Heather McKay:

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On Wednesday, 12th June the Green Party released their party manifesto

Ed Matthew commented in the BBC on why all parties should prioritise climate action, as the economic growth engine of the future and pathway to lowering bills and boosting energy security:

“It’s been interesting to see how the climate change issue has played out in this election. On the one hand the conservatives launched their manifesto yesterday, which was by far the most unambitious manifesto we’ve ever seen from the Conservative party on climate action – they didn’t centre it in terms of their economic mission, and in doing so they’re risking losing out on a massive economic opportunity.


Reform, who are playing about 12% in the polls, have been very anti-action on net zero and want to scrap the targets despite the fact that most of the people who support Reform actually support ambitious action on climate change, according to the polls.


Labour and the Lib Dems have been much more ambitious, we will get the detail from Labour’s manifesto tomorrow but they have so far set out an ambitious target on power sector decarbonisation and set up GB Energy, a state investment vehicle to speed up the transition to a low carbon economy.


So the opposition parties are definitely on the whole ambitious – except for reform – and that’s exactly what we need, as it’s not just about dealing with the climate crisis. If we don’t get on the front foot we are going to become economic laggards in the world, because other regions and countries like the US, Europe, China are forging ahead on this transition. If we don’t make it a primary economic mission for this country we are going to lose jobs, we are going to be less competitive, and not have the tax revenue we need to repair our public services.”


On Tuesday, 11th June the Conservatives released their party manifesto
Ed Matthew, Campaigns Director at the independent climate and energy think tank E3G said:
“The manifesto is utterly devoid of new pledges to supercharge the net zero economy and is the most unambitious on climate action yet. Rishi Sunak has turned his nose up at the economic opportunity of the century. This failure will keep households hooked on high-cost oil and gas and undermine our energy security. It is a manifesto for economic decline.”
Heather McKay, E3G Senior Policy Advisor in sustainable finance; Chris Galpin, E3G Policy Advisor in housing and energy; and Laith Whitwham, E3G Senior Policy Advisor on industry decarbonisation, reacted on X:



Read a full analysis of green finance in the manifesto in this thread from Heather McKay:

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And Juliet Phillips unpacks the Conservatives’ lack of progress on energy security in this thread:


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Liberal Democrats

On Monday, 10th June the Liberal Democrats released their party manifesto

Ed Matthew, Campaigns Director at the independent climate and energy think tank E3G said:
“Polling has consistently shown that the British public wants political parties to make ambitious pledges to tackle the climate crisis and use this as an opportunity to revitalise the economy. This manifesto includes some ambitious commitments to supercharge the transition to net zero, including free insulation and heat pumps for low-income households and centering green investment in their long-term plan for the UK economy. This should start a race to the top on climate policies that bring down energy bills and boost energy security. Any party that fails to put climate action at the heart of its pitch to voters risks severe electoral backlash.”
Juliet Phillips, E3G Programme Lead, Energy Transition, reacted on X:
Heather McKay, E3G Senior Policy Advisor in sustainable finance unpacked the Liberal Democrats’ position on net zero in the following thread:

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Available for comment

E3G is following the UK General Election closely. If you have questions about energy, sustainable finance and place-based transitions in the election our UK team is available for comment:

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Ed Matthew – E3G Campaigns Director 
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Kate Levick – E3G Associate Director and Co-Head of the Transition Plan Taskforce Secretariat 
International and UK sustainable finance, public and private sector finance, climate disclosure, transition planning, financial regulation 
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Heather McKay – Senior Policy Advisor, Finance and Resilience 
UK sustainable finance, UK Net Zero Investment Plan  
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Juliet Phillips – Programme Lead, Energy Transition  
UK energy, housing, clean heat, power, industry and oil and gas  
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Susanna Elks – Senior Policy Advisor, Energy Transition
UK power decarbonisation, electricity, market design, consumer impact, energy system governance 
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Beth Walker – Senior Policy Advisor, Energy Transition  
UK fossil fuel phase out (oil and gas) and international energy diplomacy 
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Laith Whitwham – Senior Policy Advisor, Energy Transition  
UK industrial transition and CCS, decarbonising steel, cement and carbon-intensive manufacturing generally 
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