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Deep Decarbonisation and the Future of Gas in the EU

Media Fact Sheet

gas pipeline

Here we provide backgound on the future of gas in the EU.

Key messages

  • Demand for fossil gas in Europe will decline steeply over the next two decades if the EU sticks to its policies to avoid dangerous climate change and transition to a clean energy system.
  • New forms of gaseous energy carriers (hydrogen, biomethane) have a role to play but are far from a silver bullet: they will likely be expensive and scarce for at least another two decades while decisions over gas infrastructure need to be taken now.
  • Cleaner and cheaper alternatives, like batteries and storage technologies, are already undercutting demand for fossil gas in the power sector.
  • New investments in gas infrastructure in Europe are at risk of not recovering their value before the end of their economic lifetime.
  • Europe needs to start planning its transition out of fossil gas now to protect consumers and choose the most efficient pathway to a climate-neutral society.

View our full fact sheet, Deep Decarbonisation and the Future of gas in the EU here.


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