COP26 key takeaways: what happened and what comes next

COP25 US press briefing
16:00 17 Nov 2021 Zoom Webinar

E3G experts Claire Healy, Alden Meyer, Alex Scott and Taylor Dimsdale discussed COP26 key takeaways. They look at the next steps in climate diplomacy from the perspective of the US, in this Q&A with press.

Watch the recording on COP26 key takeaways



Claire Healy is E3G’s Washington Director and an expert in energy transition and financial diplomacy. She previously worked for the US Department of Energy. Claire now leads E3G’s work in cooperative diplomacy between the UK, EU, and US. She is also the former International Director for Al Gore’s Alliance on Climate Protection and former Head of Policy for the British Labour Party.


Alden Meyer is Senior Associate at E3G working on US and international climate policy and politics. Alden has more than four decades of experience in environmental and energy issues, most recently as Director of Strategy and Policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists and Co-Director of their Washington DC, office. He was in Glasgow for COP26 and has attended every COP negotiation since the beginning, except 2001.

Alex Scott is E3G’s Program Leader for Climate Diplomacy and Geopolitics and coordinates diplomatic strategy between industries, NGOs, and governments. She has over a decade of climate and environmental expertise in global governance, sustainability, and diplomacy.

Taylor Dimsdale is Director for E3G’s Risk and Resilience Program. Taylor works with governments, public institutions, and the private sector to inform climate risk and management. He specialises in geopolitics of decarbonization, the impacts of climate on national security, and sustainable finance and energy policy.


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