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China and US strengthen climate partnership

China and US strengthen climate partnership

At the US-China bilateral in Washington D.C. President Obama and President Xi Jinping agreed to:

  • Support an outcome in Paris that ramps up ambition over time, pointing towards low carbon transformation over the global economy
  • China provides $3bn to support developing countries to take climate action

The independent climate diplomacy experts, E3G, said this cements global progress towards the international climate talks, COP21, in Paris at the end of this year.

Nick Mabey, CEO at E3G said:

“This joint announcement cements the historic agreement made last year, and affirms domestic action and international cooperation on climate change. China’s commitment to financial reform away from fossil fuels and finance climate action in developing countries demonstrates the huge shifts being made in the politics of international climate action.”

Liz Gallagher, Climate Diplomacy Programme Leader at E3G said:

“This joint announcement, alongside many others made by governments, companies, investors and cities over the past year catapults climate change onto the agenda of our global leaders. But for a strong outcome in Paris, it needs more than just the US and China. Other countries must not kick back and assume a G2 deal will keep us firmly on track for a safe climate. The voices and actions from the likes of Europe and vulnerable countries are needed to energise ambition.”



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