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Some progressJICA has extensive partnerships with other development finance institutions and initiatives.


JICA has a number of partnership agreements with other development finance institutions, displaying it is committed to providing co-financing for projects and information sharing. It is unclear if JICA has led on the creation of initiatives. Furthermore, The Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Institute is recognised as one of the leading international development policy think tanks. JICA is an accredited member of the Green Climate Fund

Partnerships with other MDBs include:

In April 2021 JICA & the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development have signed  a “new agreement to support economic and social development in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Europe, and North Africa”

The Asian Development Bank and JICA have a strategic partnership to co-finance “$10 billion in quality public infrastructure investment between 2016 and 2020. The two organizations also established in 2016 the $1.5 billion Leading Asia’s Private Sector Infrastructure (LEAP) Trust Fund to promote private financing for infrastructure development, including through public–private partnerships.”

In March 2021,  JICA and the Inter-American Development Bank Group signed a “Memorandum of Collaboration (MOC) for Cooperation for Economic Recovery and Social Inclusion (CORE) in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region.”

JICA and the European Investment Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding  to “work together on a range of globally relevant issues – for example: transport, quality infrastructure investment, microfinance and renewable energy sources. EIB and JICA will also cooperate on technical assistance/project preparation and create synergies and exchanges at the level of their local offices to extend the positive impact of their work.”

In 2019,  “Japan and the African Development Bank on Friday announced a joint target of $3.5 billion under the Enhanced Private Sector Assistance for Africa initiative (EPSA4).

Last Update: July 2021

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