Energy access and fuel poverty

Paris AlignmentReasoning
UnalignedJICA supports the implementation of SDG 7 (access to energy for all) but there does not appear to be a minimum definition of access or a target in place.
 Alignment and Reasoning
Energy Access TargetJICA does not appear to have an energy access target. Instead it aims to contribute to SDG 7 (access to energy for all).
Minimum Definition of AccessNo definition available.
% of Energy Financing Dedicated to Energy AccessNot applicable.
Is Progress MonitoredProgress does not appear to be monitored.
Progress Against MetricsNot applicable.


JICA commits to better access to energy in its 2020 annual report and in its position paper on SDG 7 (Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all). However, beyond this high level commitment, there is little detail on the degree of energy access that JICA aims to achieve. The 2013 energy strategy states that there are two methods for energy access, expanding grids and off-grid electrification. JICA will focus on large scale national power systems, whilst recognising that the two methods are often complementary.

In Pacific Island countries, JICA has been working in increasing energy access and reliability. To do this it has promoted the ‘hybrid option’ of renewable generation, battery storage and diesel generators.

Last Update: July 2021

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