Statement on solar priorities for UK government

solar panels on a green lawn

Leading organisations working on climate, community energy, green buildings and green finance have published a joint statement setting out our key priorities to Government on solar. Solar can deliver for both nature and net zero, and help the UK achieve a green economic recovery from Covid-19.

We recommend the following priority policies to support the deployment of solar energy and storage in the UK, and deliver on the Government’s ambitions for net zero and a green recovery:

  1. Set a minimum target for the deployment of solar energy in the UK. This should be in line with independent assessments of how much solar is needed to help the UK meet its net zero aims. Industry body, Solar Energy UK, says it is possible to deploy 40 GW of solar energy by 2030, which we endorse and suggest should be the minimum
  2. Develop a solar sector skills, financing, and training deal to support this deployment, in line with government support for other renewable generation technologies, such as offshore wind. The sector deal should include detailed planning to develop the skilled supply chain which supports the solar and energy storage industry and can help provide a green economic recovery.
  3. Recognise that solar is the most attractive technology that can operate at a community scale, and that its deployment is valuable both in illustrating and engaging people in the energy transition
  4. Implement priority policy reforms to support solar deployment at all scales.

Read the letter in full here.

Photo by Jose G. Ortega Castro on Unsplash.


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