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Join us at London Climate Action Week 

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“London financed this problem. London could finance the solution.” These words from our Chair Tom Burke encapsulate the poetic justice at the heart of London Climate Action Week kicking off this Monday July 1, co-organised by E3G and the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority.

When we began pitching the concept last year, there was an appetite for the city to do more – and to be more – to tackle the climate crisis. But we didn’t anticipate the sense of responsibility and urgency that has resulted in over 120 scheduled events across the spectrum of London’s fizzing cultural and professional life.

For too long the city’s dense concentration of world-renowned climate organisations and professionals have been travelling around the world in search of innovation and collaboration, underestimating the wealth of talent, ambition and determination right here on our very own doorstep. We’ve finally reached a moment to showcase our city’s talents.

One of the most important events of the week, and particularly for us at E3G, is the inaugural London Climate Frontiers Forum on Friday, 5 July. Here, the week’s newly embedded climate cluster will first come together to interact, to deliberate, to scrutinise and to inspire a diverse community to work together on the most critical and vexing of obstacles to a safe climate for London and the world. In forging this path forward we might ignite the momentum necessary to give this week – and ultimately this city – a legacy to be proud of.

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Nick Mabey

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E3G has a great line up of events during London Climate Action Week, including the first-ever Climate Frontiers Forum. Have a look at our most up-to-date list here, get involved and make your contribution to climate action.

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