May 2019    
New political solutions to financing sustainability 

Dear reader,

The rate of change is dizzying. Public appetite for action on climate and environment is growing fast in Europe and internationally, gaining a stronger foothold in mainstream politics.  

As the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere pushes towards 415ppm and the IPBES warns that only a transformation of current economic and financial practices can maintain the ecosystems human societies depend upon, diverse stakeholders are coalescing to support action. While central banks have promised action to preserve global financial stability in the face of climate change, social movements including Sunrise, Extinction Rebellion and the School Strikes are rising up to stake claims on behalf of those who have previously been lacking voice.

The shift in sentiment feels powerful, but will it lead to lasting impact and the change we need? What financial reforms are required to achieve transformative change in the real economy for sustainability, prosperity and resilience? In this month’s newsletter we look at a range of current and emerging issues to support change for financing the necessary transition. 

With a new Parliament and Commission, Europe has an opportunity to create a bolder vision for finance in Europe. We kick off with recommendations for further integrating disaster risk, climate change adaptation and resilience into Europe’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan, made in a joint UNDRR-E3G report launching today at the UN Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction. Next, Tom Jess and Sandrine Dixson-Declève consider the emerging European green investment taxonomy, charting a course for next steps. The UK too is going through rapid change: Dileimy Orozco and George Triggs suggest priorities for the new Green Finance Strategy. Finally, George Triggs looks forward to London Climate Action Week in July.

These different opportunities present points of leverage that could lead to cascading effects through the financial system to meet the needs of society and the economy. This is a time for finding new solutions to old problems that have become urgent. 

Thanks for reading, 

Kate Levick
Program Leader, Sustainable Finance

Venice platforms Blog — 14 May 2019
Sustainable finance policy can help Europe avoid disaster
by Kate Levick
Disaster risk reduction and sustainable finance are not often part of the same conversation, but they should be.

Flood defence shutterstock 659875456 Blog — 14 May 2019
To make investments climate resilient, the EU needs to expand its sustainable finance taxonomy
by Tom Jess, Sandrine Dixson-Declève
Find out how expanding the EU's sustainability taxonomy can support a major reduction in disaster risk and boost climate change adaptation and resilience.

Canary-wharf-banks Blog — 14 May 2019
The kaleidoscope of global green finance is being shaken- can the UK regain its lead?
by Dileimy Orozco, George Triggs
While climate action is high on the UK political agenda, does the country's leading financial industry risk being left behind?

Luca-micheli-422053-unsplash Blog — 14 May 2019
The countdown is on: London Climate Action Week
by George Triggs
With less than two months before the first-ever London Climate Action Week find out what to expect from this year's must-attend climate event.

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