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The post-2020 EU budget: how to spend it 

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Negotiations have kicked off on the EU’s next long-term budget (for 2021-2027). This will be a key test of the EU’s priorities and an important chance to deliver the Paris Agreement commitment to shifting financial flows from high carbon to low carbon investment.

The articles in this newsletter set out how the EU can not only increase its financial commitment to climate change, but spend it better. This means ending fossil fuel subsidies, supporting new technologies and business models to go to scale, and ensuring the whole of Europe benefits from climate-friendly investment.

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Dcl8hy-w4aadays Blog — 3 May 2018
Climate change and the EU budget: what to make of the new proposals?
by Jonathan Gaventa, Lisa Fischer, Tom Jess, Elisa Giannelli
The EU budget is an important source of funds for areas from low carbon innovation to clean infrastructure and sustainable regional development. In this blog, E3G assesses the overall MFF proposal released on 2nd May and identifies 5 areas to watch as more detailed EU budget instruments are rolled out.

Krakow smog coal power Briefing Paper — 9 May 2018
An EU budget for climate action: accelerating the low-carbon transition in Central Eastern Europe
by Alexander Reitzenstein, Sabrina Schulz, Pieter de Pous, Ada Ámon
The EU budget is a key tool to raise climate ambition in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and reduce regional disparities. E3G's Berlin office outlines how the MFF can foster climate action and accelerate the region's low-carbon transition.

'Purple Twigs'/Thinkstock Briefing Paper — 29 May 2018
Clean Energy Innovation - Framing The Challenge
by Simon Skillings
Consumer engagement, not technology, is the biggest clean energy innovation challenge facing Europe, argues a discussion paper from Simon Skillings. Consumers and citizens should be built into the ‘missions’ of the EU’s new innovation instrument, Horizon Europe.

European flag in karlskrona 2011, Wikimedia Discussion Paper — 24 May 2018
Innovation EU Electricity Grids: Linking Research and Innovation To Deployment Instruments
by Joseph Dutton, Jonathan Gaventa
The lines between innovation and deployment instruments are blurring in a rapidly changing energy system. A briefing paper from Joseph Dutton and Jonathan Gaventa identifies how the Connecting Europe Facility can support new electricity grid technologies and approaches as well as delivering more projects on the ground.

Light-bulb-3104355 1920 Commentary — 6 June 2018
InvestEU must make a serious dent in the EU’s energy efficiency investment gap
by Pedro Guertler, Tom Jess
InvestEU is the EU budget’s biggest tool for driving investment in sustainable infrastructure. Energy efficiency is the EU’s biggest investment gap. This blog from Pedro Guertler and Tom Jess sets out how the InvestEU instrument can be geared for an efficiency breakthrough.

Three wise monkeys News — 6 June 2018
The great GDPR update
by Chris Littlecott
Along with half the known universe, E3G has recently updated our privacy policy in line with the requirements of the EU's GDPR legislation. All recipients of our newsletters can unsubscribe or change their preferences at any time.

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