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UK Climate and Development Ministerial meeting

big ben and the houses of parliament in London, UK
Big Ben and Parliament, London UK. Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash

The UK will host a Climate and Development Ministerial meeting tomorrow, 31 March at 8:00 to discuss the challenges and priorities for implementing the Paris Agreement in the countries most vulnerable to climate change.

The ministerial provides a key stop on the road to a successful COP26 as 2021 continues to show itself as the make or break year in laying the foundation for a decade of urgent climate action.


E3G’s Geopolitics and Climate Diplomacy leader, Alex Scott said:

“In hosting this ministerial the UK is showing they understand that delivering a successful COP26 starts with fulfilling the Paris promise to support developing countries on climate change. After the meeting, the UK must build political agreements that land real outcomes on COVID-19 and climate solidarity throughout the year.”

Alex is available for comment, please contact her directly.

E3G’s macroeconomics expert, Dileimy Orozco is also available for comment on debt and climate linkages. Please contact her directly.

Key points:

We cannot build a climate-safe world that is unfair. Economic recovery from the pandemic must reduce both emissions and inequalities if it is to succeed. Global COVID-19 disruption and worsening climate impacts call for a resilience and solidarity agenda.

The Climate and Development Ministerial meeting provides a space for low and middle-income countries to hammer home their solidarity and prosperity needs to meet global climate and development goals.

Ministers and international financial institutions will be discussing how COVID-19 and debt sustainability stressors are exacerbating challenges in meeting climate and development goals. They are invited to propose policy solutions to mitigate these challenges. It’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is. The ministerial outcome – a Chair’s Summary – presents the opportunity to set out a clear roadmap for G7 and donor countries to put more money on the table for climate and development.

As co-hosts of COP26, the UK and Italy must ensure real action and change is delivered this year starting with this Climate and Development Ministerial.

Points to note:

E3G’s CEO Nick Mabey is a ‘Friend of COP’, bringing expertise from countries across six continents to advise the UK government and inspire action from their sectors ahead of the conference.

E3G was part of a consortium of think tanks who organised policy workshops to generate policy ideas that were fed into the ministerial process.


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