Implementing Low Carbon National Finance Strategies in 2015

Implementing Low Carbon National Finance Strategies in 2015

2015 is an exciting year for E3G’s International Climate team in advancing National Finance Strategies (NFS) implementation in several countries. It is a critical year for climate change given the UNFCCC Paris Agreement taking place and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) operations starting. In this context national finance strategies and pathways are integral for ensuring implementation of countries climate plans, pre 2020 and post 2020, including their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) and for ensuring project pipelines development and country ownership.

E3G will be working throughout this year on Financing Strategies in Mexico and Chile, working closely with the Government and with non-state actors such as financial institutions and project developers. For the case of Mexico, the NFS focuses on Mexico’s low carbon greenhouse gas reduction goals in the context of their INDCs and pre-2020 goals. Lessons will be drawn from the experience of Multilateral Development Banks and a Mexican delegation will be coming to the UK to meet with several stakeholders from the public and private sectors.

For the case of Chile, we’ll be identifying options for their NFS in the short, medium and long term to support their low-carbon and resilient development. We’ll facilitate workshops in both countries to have a common agenda and next steps for implementation of policy recommendations. Both countries' NFS will show commitment and amplify the voice of progressive countries on the importance of having a strategic national financing approach and advance on its implementation attracting low carbon investments and the development of project pipelines.

We will also continue work in Colombia through a close dialogue with the government on strategic approaches to climate finance with a long term vision as well as with a project on considerations for the design of a national climate change fund. Furthermore, we are working on capacity building amongst governments and financial institutions for country-led climate finance. For example in Latin America we will work with development banks in relation to GCF access and project pipeline development.

In Bangladesh we aim to strengthen the capacity of potential National Implementing Entities (NIEs), ensuring NIEs are ready to access the GCF directly and to take actions to meet identified gaps. It will be key to ensure potential NIEs take into account Bangladesh’s climate change objectives and be ready to implement project pipelines.

We look forward to making these transformational changes throughout the year!

For more information on our work on International Climate Finance, please see our showcase.

By Gabriela Moya Toledo


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