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North European Energy Dialogue: Ministers must drive grid investment


Commenting on today’s ‘North European Energy Dialogue’, Eamon Ryan, Senior Associate at E3G and former Irish Energy Minister, said:

Energy markets in Europe are not working for consumers and they are not working for the climate. New grids to link markets across the region are needed to deliver clean energy at lower cost and larger scale. We can no longer afford to ignore the fact that it makes more economic sense to share power across national borders.

Ministers are right to focus on infrastructure and power market integration. They must now agree targets for grid infrastructure as part of the European 2030 climate and energy framework.


  1. Eamon Ryan was Ireland’s Minister of Energy from 2007 until 2011. Currently, he is a Senior Associate at E3G, and the leader of Ireland’s Green Party.
  2. The UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey hosted the second North European Energy Dialogue (NEED) today in London, which brings together ministers and other senior decision makers from other North European countries, including Denmark, Germany and Lithuania.


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