LCAW | Scaling up renewable energy investment in Africa

The role of infrastructure initiatives

Technicians checking the maintenance of the solar panels. Photo by AS Photo Project on Adobe Photo Stock.
10:00 29 Jun 2022 Zoom webinar

E3G invites you to a London Climate Action Week event co-hosted by E3G and China Dialogue on scaling up renewable energy investment in Africa and the role of infrastructure initiatives.

This virtual event will feature a 60 minutes panel discussion followed by 30 minutes Q&A.

Africa needs around $2 trillion of investments for reliable, sustainable, and affordable power over the next two decades. Chinese financial institutions have been major investors in African energy infrastructure over the past two decades. G7 countries committed to scaling up renewable energy investments to support developing countries’ transition, including in Africa. But G7 initiatives have yet to deliver. What do recipient countries expect from international infrastructure initiatives and energy investments? What are the lessons learned from China’s evolving engagement in African energy sectors? What can G7 initiatives bring to the table? And in what ways might they be able to complement each other?

This panel will bring together African, Chinese, and European experts to discuss the wants and needs of African countries in their energy transition, share dos and don’ts from Chinese renewable energy projects in Africa, and set out expectations for how G7 initiatives can help fill in the gaps. 

Speakers include

  • Saliem Fakir – African Climate Foundation (Chair)
  • Ovigwe Eguegu – Development Reimagined
  • Dr Wei Shen – Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
  • Lea Pilsner – Policy Advisor, E3G

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