LCAW | Community launch of E3G’s Climate Transformation Hub

A centre for the political economy of climate change

oliveira dos brejinhos, bahia, brazil - june 7, 2023 solar energy production board farm is seen in industrial park in western bahia.
Solar energy farm in industrial park in Oliveira dos Brejinhos, Western Bahia, Brazil. Political economy analysis can support and drive climate transitions at scale across the world.
13:00 30 Jun 2023

On 30 June, E3G will bring together key partners and stakeholders for a community launch of E3G’s new initiative, the Climate Transformation Hub, a centre for the political economy of climate change at London Climate Action Week 2023.

This new hub for climate transformation will bring a step-change in the political economy capabilities of the climate community. Working with partners, and powered by E3G’s unique political economy mapping methodology (PEMM), the Climate Transformation Hub aims to connect analysis to climate action.  

As climate action shifts from targets and commitments, the focus of the climate community must shift to interventions that drive delivery and whole-of-economy deep decarbonisation. If politics is the barrier to rapid climate transitions at scale, politics is also the solution. Successful strategies and influencing must be underpinned by systematic political analysis.

E3G has carried out political economy analysis in almost 30 countries and multiple sectors over the course of more than a decade, working with partners across the climate community to influence and inform strategies and action. This new initiative will scale and professionalise the climate community’s capability for core political economy analysis with capacity building, strategic advisory support and thought leadership. 

Our community launch event at LCAW 2023 will focus on the strategic value of climate-focused political economy analysis and insight as a key foundation and capability for strategy and influencing. It will present a practical plan for scaling coverage, building the capability, partnerships, networks and processes to connect analysis and insight to practical action.

This is a private community event with attendees representing government, diplomatic, academic and philanthropic communities as well as civil society and international organisations.

This will be the first in a series of engagements with partners and stakeholders.

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