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EU leaders approve climate neutrality by 2050

EU leaders approve climate neutrality by 2050

European leaders have agreed that the European Union will be climate-neutral by 2050.

Quentin Genard, acting Head of Office of E3G Brussels said:

It is a major boost for climate action. Leaders showed that there is a way to bring everyone on board while being focused on the big picture: cutting emissions as quickly as possible. It requires some creativity of course, but the result is there.

Leaders join the two other main institutions in their commitment to accelerated climate action in Europe. The Commission will move forward with the head-turning European Green Deal, the Parliament has already declared a “climate emergency” and heads of States have now endorsed a climate-neutral Europe.

There is one last duck to get in row. The block will become the geopolitical actor the European leadership called for if it makes enough progress on upgrading the block’s 2030 climate target to engage with China on climate during the EU-China summit of September 2020.


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