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E3G response to the Budget

E3G response to the Budget

Sepi Golzari-Munro Head of the UK Politics Programme at the energy and climate change think tank E3G, responding to today’s budget, said:

“This Budget demonstrates the growing gulf between the UK’s climate policy and its energy policy keeping investor confidence low, the cost of capital high and leaving consumers to pay the price. This was another missed opportunity for the UK to reestablish itself as an attractive market for infrastructure investment. As the rest of the world races to decarbonise its infrastructure the Chancellor seems happy for Britain to be left behind.”

Available for comment

Sepi is available for commentary and can speak to UK energy policy and infrastructure – please contact her directly +44 (0)791 545 1305,


Notes to Editors

  • The 2016 Budget changes to energy taxes can be found on p52-53 of the red book
  • E3G is an independent global think tank, working to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. E3G specializes in climate diplomacy, climate risk, energy policy and climate finance.
  • In 2016, E3G was ranked the number one environmental think tank in the UK by the Go To Think Tank Index, second in Europe and sixth in the World.


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