Daniel Firger Joins E3G as Senior Associate

Headshot of Daniel Firger

E3G welcomes Daniel Firger as a Senior Associate working closely with the sustainable finance team and the Washington DC office.

Daniel is currently the Managing Director of Great Circle Capital Advisorsa consultancy focused on the climate transitionHis extensive experience in sustainable finance includes managing the global climate and sustainable finance programs for Bloomberg Philanthropies from 2014-2019.  

Alongside Daniel Firger’s appointment at Great Circle Capital Advisors, he currently serves as Senior Advisor at Encourage Capital LLC and the ClimateWorks Foundation, and sits on the advisory board of Spring Lane Capital, a sustainable infrastructure investment fund. In joining E3G, Daniel’s experience at the helm of multiple sustainable finance initiatives will prove invaluable in strengthening transatlantic collaboration, capitalising on the Biden administration’s proactive approach to the climate crisis. 


Claire Healy, Director of the Washington DC office, said:

“E3G is doing the diplomacy to halve global emissions in a decade, increasingly this means working on financial regulation reforms. Daniel has been working tirelessly to ensure a net zero emissions, climate resilient future. His expertise in sustainable finance and US politics is an invaluable asset to E3G. We look forward to rolling up our sleeves with Daniel to work on building strong transatlantic climate cooperation across the board to ensure a safe climate for all.”

Daniel Firger said:

It’s a make-or-break moment for transatlantic cooperation on climate policy and sustainable finance. The EU and UK have made huge strides in recent years, with literally no help from Washington. Now that President-elect Biden is gearing up for a whole-of-government approach to the climate crisis, it will be more important than ever to strengthen international coordination, from Foggy Bottom to Threadneedle Street. I’m thrilled to be joining the E3G team to help support these efforts.” 


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